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Works Manager’s Report


Norseman Aerodrome Project (Construction and Town Crew)


The Shire has been  persistent at addressing issues as they arise in a project. Given the special nature and size of such a project the Shire through continual monitoring and following of process is able to steadily navigate circumstance as they arise.

Firstly the average size of the rock is a lot larger than anticipated, however given that the Shire does not pay for the rock only the haulage  our requests of drafting out the oversized rock has some limitations.

The delivery of the rocks has been less than the original estimate. This can be tied  back to  the delay with the Traffic Management Plan  being approved which if this had occurred within the original time frame allocation production would have been at our expected level. The production has since slowed down which has a direct impact on the back loading operations

To get around these production problems we have put our own Shire crew on carting from the OK mine, also CNGC are assisting. We are now looking at a completion date in December 2017. Cartage rates are comparable from all three sources.

We have hired a D6T Dozer, and a 20 tonne vibrating drum roller to assist in the pushing out and compacting of the material.

Strategic Fire Break

For a number of years there has been talk of a strategic fire break on the southern part of town, with this in place and the other directions protected with salt lakes it makes the town a lot safer from bushfires.

The Shire met with DFES to discuss the fire break as well as the slashing of the UCL blocks in Norseman. Considering budgetary allocations an informed decision was made to prioritise the southern strategic fire break, the blocks will continue to be slashed at the Shire’s expense as they have been for some time. Once the fire break is completed discussion will resume with  DFES regarding the UCL blocks.


The actual break would be 12 metres wide, starting at the airport heading just south of the town, south of the racetrack and then towards Lake Dundas. Any scrubland of any significance between the break and town would be burnt off in the cooler months to reduce the undergrowth. All burn offs will be supervised by DFES.

Norseman Waste Depot

The Projects Officer has taken on the operations of the Shire’s waste depot.  This has seen considerable improvements made, and the depot is starting to look a lot more respectful now it is getting the attention it deserves.

Recent Wet Weather

Norseman experienced some heavy rainfall on the 11/05/2017 resulting in various sorts of flooding. Often after events like this the Shire may get requests/complaints regarding flooding. Generally speaking road infrastructure has a “flood design life” it may be a drainage system is designed on a five year flood event. This means on average the system is going to fail every 5 years. You rarely get a perfect system that is immune from floods, Mother Nature has a habit of beating these systems. The higher the years the systems are designed to be flood free the higher the costs in establishing them.

So with any requests we get they have to be considered against the current 10 year plan currently being upgraded.

Community Development Report

Community Groups


On the 9th May the Community Development team had the pleasure of taking the Ladies Craft Group to Esperance for the day. The day started with a light lunch before heading to the museum park for a wander around looking through little shops, the museum and art gallery. It was a great day and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Ladies Craft Group is growing and attracting new members weekly! Craft is every Wednesday from 1pm at the Old Scout Building.

Due to the increase of numbers and that Bible School has finished, the group is moving out of the small kitchen room into the larger hall for more space. The ladies Craft group have been in discussions with the Shire’s Project Officer about the requirements of the new space and we look forward to working with the group to ensure a comfortable , safe and enjoyable environment.

Dance recommenced on the 7th May with a total of 12 children participating this year, what a great turn out for the first lesson. Dance will be at the Norseman Town Hall on Sunday afternoons from 2pm – 3pm. Sarah from Moore Moves Dance Academy in Kalgoorlie will come down to Norseman once a fortnight to do dance lessons, at a cost of $5.00 per child per lesson. Miss Jammie-lee Bennett is running this year’s Dance Program and is looking to a great season of dance aactivity. To assist with some of the costs of the prgarm the dance group will be applying for funding support through the Shire’s Community Grants program. If successful funding will support the cost of costumes, dance instructors and travel.

The next dance lesson is the 28th of May, then again on the 4th June. After this date dance lessons will be fortnightly. If your child has rhythm or would like to get rhythm head down to the next class and meet the children and parents of Norseman Dance Troupe.

Gold Fever Committee

The new look Gold Fever Festival  Committee was elected last month with Shire involvement stepping back to encourage more community involvement.  The committee looks forward to growing the Gold Fever Festival and WA Rock Drill State Championships

WA Rock Drill State Championships. The committee is yet to decide on the 2018 date for the event however Chairperson Jon Fry encourages community groups, local business, and interested individuals to get involved and become part of the team.


Wiluna Goldfields Tourism Trip

Community Development travelled to Wiluna last month to represent the Shire of Dundas on the Goldfields Tourism Board. The  trip involved stops at Menzies and Leonora where the efforts of their Councils to grow their community economic base continues.

Across the region local government in small communities like ours are working hard to build new or restore infrastructure that addresses a number of targets in their community. Targets such as health services, administration services,  tourism, creative industries and cultural heritage.

It is pleasing to note that the Shire of Dundas is on point in these discussions and regional planning. Through collaborative networks and membership such as Goldfields Tourism and Goldfields Voluntary Regional Organisation of Councils, Dundas is able to strengthen the regional voice and strive towards good outcomes for our communities. 


Blessing of the Roads  Winners.

Congratulations to the Norseman District High School students picture ( and Georgina Schultz not pictured) who have each won a $20 School Bookfair Gift voucher for their road safety message represented through creative signage during the Easter School holidays.

The Blessing of the Roads campaign is a state wide road safety awareness initiative coordinated by WALGA’s RoadWise.

Run in the lead up to the Easter long weekend a peak time for travellers to be on the roads across our state communities are encouraged to promote road safety locally and help their residents be mindful of good driving and pedestrian practices.

Norseman DHS have always been active participants in the campaign and this year supported by local business:

à Norseman Hardware

à Marrak Safety Supplies

à IGA Supermarket, Norseman Pharmacy,

à Roberts Street Café

à Full Moon Café and

à The Shire of Dundas

Norseman Primary School children were able to display their artwork along the town centre shop fronts providing a colourful but important reminder for safe driving.


Thank you to the school and teacher Mr Turner for supporting the Road Safety Message.



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