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Works Manager Report

School Crossing Prinsep Street

In 2016 the local school community through the P&C and the school principal at the time raised safety concerns with pedestrian school children crossing a main road which carries large trucks. The possibility of a children's crossing on Prinsep –Morgan Street and potentially Prinsep Ramsay Street was discussed. The Works Manager and CEO met with members of Main Roads Western Australia to discuss this and other matters. Main Roads Western Australia have now responded saying that they agree with the one on Morgan Street, however the crossing at Ramsay Street would be too complicated because of the roundabout. Highlighted was the difficulty of Norseman meeting the criteria as both Kalgoorlie and Esperance are trying for children crossings and have not succeeded. There are two types of Children’s Crossing Type A and Type B. Applications for a new Children’s Crossing must come from the School Principal or the President or Secretary of a recognised school parent body. Applications are assessed by the Children’s Crossings and Roads Safety Committee who look at a number of criteria when assessing applications.
As always we encourage parents to remind their children about road safety both the younger ones andf teenagers. Teenagers can often be distracted by their phones when walking, skateboarding or on their scooters if they have headphones in they are not aware of oncoming traffic. We also remind parents to slow right down when approaching sand in school zones and remember to drop and pick up your children on the safety side (passenger disembarks onto the footpath).
Restricted Burning 2
We are currently in the Restricted Burning Period 2 which covers the dates April 1st through to May 30th (inclusive). Permits to burn are required during this period for hazard reduction burning. Permits are required to burn bush or grass during these times and are available at the Shire of Dundas Administration Office. Please note that penalties apply for where burning regulations are contravened or permit conditions are not complied with.
Certain climate or weather conditions may cause these periods to be extended or shortened. You must check media for details or call the Shire of Dundas on 90391205 before commencing to burn. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop in and have a chat.

Construction Crew
The construction crew have been addressing drainage along the Norseman Hyden Road and have been busy putting in pipes, they are also continuing the re-sheeting Programme. The heavy machinery was relocated back to the depot during the Easter break and for a while will be involved in the airstrip project and re-sheeting Beacon Hill Road ready for sealing during the during the next financial year.

Town Crew
Have been heavily involved with work on the airstrip pushing out the rocks that are being delivered by MLG Oz. The machines we are using at present are our own however we are awaiting more suitable machinery from Perth.
A D6-T dozer arrived on site 11/04/17 and has been put to use immediately.
Some of the rock that is being delivered is oversized for our needs and will be removed as work progresses.

Community Development
Jungkajungka Woodlands Festival
Easter saw the town of Norseman inundated with all things Great Western Woodlands. It was great to see the markets overflowing with a great variety of local and regional stalls catering for all things from arts and crafts to food and clothing, to information and reptiles. Add in a dose of music and the mural painting the atmosphere was excellent. The Shire of Dundas wishes to thank all the community and corporate sponsors and partners of the event such as Lotterywest, The Wilderness Society of WA, Ngadju Dancers and Ngadju Conservation, Country Arts WA and Art Gold. We would also like to thank the Shire staff who gave up their Easter long weekend to ensure the event ran smoothly. We look forward to continuing after the tradition of the inaugural event considering the opportunity for it to become a permanent biannual fixture on the regional calendar.

ANZAC Services
Thank you to all who attended the ANZAC Dawn Service on Tuesday 25th April. The service was a touching reminder of the great blessing it is to live in a free and beautiful country such as ours, and the sacrifices that were made to ensure our rights and liberty.
The student speakers from Norseman District High School are to be congratulated on their moving words and we thank them for representing their school well.
The Diggers Breakfast was well attended and guests were well fed by Margaret and her team of volunteers, thank you to them all for their efforts.
Community Development also had the privilege of attending the school’s ANZAC Service which was held on the morning of Friday 28th April. It was lovely to see students lay the different wreaths they had created and to see them lay them with respect and gratitude. Once again the students spoke very well and reminded us of the personal cost of war.

Colours of the Woodlands Mural
The community will note the steady progression of the mural along the Community Resource Centre fence line and building. People have been very supportive of the new look and the children were especially keen to get involved during the Easter weekend.
The completion date for the mural is the end of the month . We look forward to seeing the image panels installed from local artists Valma Schultz and Lynn Webb.

Banners on the Terrace 2017
Unfortunately no entries or designs were submitted to Council for the Banners on the Terrace competition. This now gives artists and community groups the opportunity of a whole year of creative contemplation for the 2018 competition

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