Rates assessments are due and payable within 35 days of issue. An instalment system is available. See your rates notice or contact the office for full details.


An "entitled pensioner" means a pensioner who is entitled to a rebate or deferment in accordance with the Rates and Charges (rebates and deferments) Act 1992, holds a pensioner's health benefit card, or rates concession card and resides on the property.

A person who wishes to be registered as an entitled pensioner must make an application to the Council on the prescribed form.  Click here for rebate form.

When a person registered as an entitled pensioner ceases to be an entitled pensioner, that person shall give notice thereof to the Council and there upon the registration shall be cancelled.

Objections & Appeals

Appeals can be lodged against the accuracy of Coucil's rating details or the property valuation which are supplied by the Valuer general. The appeal procedures vary but do not negate the normal responsibility to meet payment within the prescribed time limits. In the later case the Valuations of Land Act sets out the manner in which objections may be instituted as regards valuations.

Objections must be lodged within 60 days after the issue of rating or taxing notice. Regardless, rates must be paid, but are subject to adjustment if an objection is successful.

Objection to Valuation forms are available from the Shire Office or by clicking here.

For further information please see Landgate's webpage http://www0.landgate.wa.gov.au/for-individuals/land-values/lodging-an-objection

Change of Address

If your postal address has changed, please notify the Council as soon as possible so your rates record can be updated. Please email the new details to: admin@dundas.wa.gov.au

2015-16 Rates

The annual rate notices were issued on the 3rd August 2015.

Due dates for payment are:

7th September 2015 (Payment in full or 1st installment)

10th November 2015 (2nd installment)

8th February 2016 (3rd installment)

26th April 2016 (4th installment)

Payment Options

Payment of rates can be made by the following options:

  1. Cash, Cheque or Eftpos at the Shire Office during office hours
  2. Mailing a Cheque or Money Order
  3. Telephoning with your credit card details
  4. Direct Deposit (please telephone the office for bank account details or email admin@dundas.wa.gov.au )

Pending Title Seizures

Notice pursuant to Schedule 6.3 of the Local Government Act 1995 requiring payment of outstanding rates or service charges.

Rates and service charges have been owing to the Shire of Dundas for a period of 3 years in respect of the land described below, the Shire of Dundas will, pursuant to section 6.64 of the Local Government Act 1995, offer the land for sale by public auction at a time and place appointed by the Shire of Dundas.


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