Ramsay Street Road Works

Published: Tuesday, 2 July 2019 at 8:56:42 AM

As part of the Street Maintenance and Asset Renewal budget, and tying in with the development of the Woodlands Cultural Community and Visitors Centre project, Council has approved works on Ramsay street. This will not only improve this section of road, but also the entrance to the new centre.

Asphalt preparation works will take place and be completed today the 2/07/2019, with full asphalt works to be completed next week on the Roberts Street roundabout and Ramsay Street.

Today the crew will be removing damaged sections on the roundabout first thing this morning from 7.00 am. Traffic will be redirected away from the roundabout. Access to the shopping area will be via Talbot Street. The Roundabout will be closed early in the morning to complete the works, which will then move to Ramsay Street. The Roundabout will then be open to all traffic on Roberts St. Ashalting contractors will be working on the parking areas on Ramsay street, so only minor disruption will affect Ramsay Street traffic. 

The main asphalting will then take place next Tuesday 9th July with works taking approximately 2.5 days to complete - Tuesday 9th , Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th. The Roberts Street Roundabout will be completed first, then moving onto Ramsay Street. 

Please use caution when driving through the area during these times and thank you for your patience.

To view the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for these works CLICK HERE

Joe Hodges

Shire of Dundas Manager of Works and Services

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