Norseman Feral Cat Trapping Program

Published on Thursday, 1 September 2022 at 4:15:00 PM

     Poorly managed domestic cats:

  • Have a negative impact on wildlife populations through predation or altering home ranges of wildlife by their presence in the environment
  • Become a nuisance to neighbors by spraying, depositing scats, yowl, or harassing neighboring pets. Roaming domestic cats can also be a nuisance in the neighborhood by deterring native animals from the area (g. birds) that neighbors may wish to attract
  • Have an increased risk of catching or transmitting disease from wild or domestic animals, or humans, as well as infection from other sources
  • Secondarily add to the feral cat population by mating with feral cats (if not de-sexed) or directly contributing to the feral cat population when not returning home 
  • Suffer physical abuse from unfriendly community members 
  • Suffer injury as a result of roaming behaviors, interacting with other stray or neighboring animals or vehicular accidents. In some cases, this can result in hefty veterinary bill or a great loss to the family 
  • Be trapped when wandering off the property

    What can you do to manage your cat appropriately?

  • De-sex your cat to prevent it from adding to the feral cat population
  • Microchip and register your cat with the Shire of Dundas so that it can be returned to you if it goes missing
  • Keep your cat indoors so that it is not a nuisance to neighbours and does not negatively impact the local wildlife
  • Install an outdoor cat play area to provide your cat with environmental stimuli that won't impact on the local wildlife 
  • Provide toys and play options for your cat to keep it stimulated indoors
  • Fit your cat with a bell to alert wildlife to its presence
  • Provide food so that your cat has adequate access to, to limit its dependence on wildlife as a food source. 
  • Don't release unwanted animals into the bush 

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      During this period, you must contain your cats to your property. Cats

      trapped not wearing a registration tag or not microchipped will be treated as