Rates are due and payable within 35 days of issue. Rates or instalments not paid by the due date will be referred for debt collection. Interest at 7.5% is charged on all outstanding amounts, which accrues daily until outstanding amounts are paid. Ratepayers may opt to pay rates in instalments or by an approved special payment arrangement. Further details are provided on the rate notice. A ratepayer may apply for an alternate repayment schedule subject to agreement prior to the due date.

Instalment plan options and alternate payment arrangements may only be entered into if there are no Rates owing from the previous years unless prior approval is received.

If your circumstances changed during the COVID-19 pandemic and you are having trouble paying your rates, you may be eligible to apply for assistance, using our Financial Hardship Application HERE, in conjunction with our COVID-19 Financial Hardsdhip Policy, which can be viewed HERE These documents are also available by visiting or contacting the Shire office.

Payment Options

Payment of rates can be made by the following options:

  1. Cash, Cheque or Eftpos at the Shire Office during office hours
  2. Mailing a Cheque or Money Order - Please do not post cash
  3. Telephoning with your credit/debit card details
  4. Direct Bank Transfer (please telephone the office for bank account details or email accounts@dundas.wa.gov.au )
  5. Direct Debit Arrangement  - Please click HERE for a Request and Authority Form.  Send completed forms to accounts@dundas.wa.gov.au or deliver/post to the Shire Administration Office.  To read the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement please click HERE
  6. BPAY. Contact your bank or financial institution to make this payment from your cheque, savings, debit or transaction account.  The Shire of Dundas Biller Code is: 289553  Please refer to your rate notice for your unique reference number or contact the Shire Office.

Rating Calendar 2022/2023

Budget Adopted                                                                                                      28th July 2022


Rate Notice

Date of Issue (Section 6.50 (2) of the LG Act)                                                      12th August 2022

Date in Synergy                                                                                                    10th August 2022

Rate Notices Posted                                                                                             11th August 2022

Due Date (Statutory is 35 days)                                                                      16th September 2022


Rates Incentive Prize Due (Payable in 14 days or alternative date) (3 weeks)       29th August 2022

(Policy Manual A.8) 


Final Notices (these are not a statutory obligation)

Date of Issue                                                                                                  23rd September 2022

Due Date                                                                                                            10th October 2022


List to CS Legal for non-payment                                                                        11th October 2022


2nd Instalment

Date of Issue (Not less than 28 days) (Sect 6.41 (2) (b) LG Act & FM Reg 57)      21st October 2022

Due Date                                                                                                         18th November 2022


3rd Instalment

Date of Issue (Not less than 28 days) (Sect 6.41 (2) (b) LG Act & FM Reg 57)       13th January 2022

Due Date                                                                                                           10th February 2023


4th Instalment

Date of Issue (Not less than 28 days) (Sect 6.41 (2) (b) LG Act & FM Reg 57)       17th March 2023

Due Date                                                                                                               14th April 2023

To view the Objectives & Reasons please click HERE

Change of Address

If your postal address has changed, please notify the Council as soon as possible so your rates record can be updated. Please email the new details to: accounts@dundas.wa.gov.au or complete our online form HERE


An "entitled pensioner" means a pensioner who is entitled to a rebate or deferment in accordance with the Rates and Charges (rebates and deferments) Act 1992, holds a pensioner's health benefit card, or rates concession card and resides on the property.

If you owned and occupied your house as at 1 July 2018 and are currently in receipt of a:

1 - Pensioner payment from Centrelink or Veteran Affairs AND a Pension Concession Card issued by Centrelink; OR

2 - A Seniors Card issued by Department of Communities AND a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card; OR

3 - A Seniors Card Only

You may be eligible for a rebate.


As part of the 2015/16 State Budget, the state government announced that from the rating year commencing 1 July 2016, the 50% concession allowed to eligible pensioners and the 25% concession allowed to eligible seniors on local government rates would be restricted to a capped amount. Western Australia was the only State not to provide a dollar cap on Local Government Rates.

The pensioner rates capped amounts will be set each year, consistent with the manner in which senior’s rates caps are set. The gazettal of the cap amounts usually occurs in late June, prior to the commencement of the rating year. The pensioner rate capped amount has been announced as $750 for 2018/19. The senior rate capped amount has been announced as $100 for 2018/19.

The Shire does not administer the laws in regards to pensioner concessions. If you wish to lodge a complaint regarding the capping of the pensioner and senior rebate you will need to contact your local Member of Parliament.

You may be entitled to claim a rebate and/or a deferment on your current rates: If you are in receipt of a pension payment and hold the appropriate card mentioned above (1) OR hold both Seniors Cards (2), you are entitled to a rebate of 50% up to a maximum of $750 on your current rates. You may also be able to defer current rates. In this case, you are deemed to be an “Eligible Pensioner”.

If you hold a Seniors Card only (3) you are entitled to a rebate of 25% up to a maximum of $100 on your current rates. In this case, you are deemed to be an “Eligible Senior”. The deferment option is not available to pensioners who only hold a Seniors Card.

Should you meet the criteria listed above (1, 2 or 3) and have not previously registered with the Shire of Dundas, please contact the Water Corporation or the Shire immediately to register. Your rebate is calculated from the date that you register.

If you have an outstanding rate arrears on your property and are deemed to be an “Eligible Pensioner” (1 or 2), you may still be able to claim a rebate and/or deferment on your current year’s rates provided that you enter a suitable repayment arrangement for the arrears. Please contact the Shire of Dundas immediately for further details.

Pro-rata rebates and deferments may be allowable for those who become eligible pensioners or seniors during the rating year (ie. after 1st July 2017). If you become a pensioner or senior during the year, please contact the Shire of Dundas for further information.

If your circumstances change, particularly with respect to ownership of your property, or your eligibility as a Pensioner or Senior, you must notify the shire office immediately.


Eligible Pensioners & Seniors are exempt from administration & interest charges.

Enquiries on “Eligible Pensioners and Seniors” can be made by calling the Office of State Revenue on (08) 9262 1373.

A person who wishes to be registered as an entitled pensioner should make an application through the Water Corporation. Apply online at https://www.watercorporation.com.au/my-account/i-want-to/concessions

When a person registered as an entitled pensioner ceases to be an entitled pensioner, that person shall give notice thereof to the Council and there upon the registration shall be cancelled.

Objections & Appeals


SECTION 6.76 of the Local Government Act 1995 provides the grounds on time and manner in which, individual objections and appeals may be instituted as to entries in the rate book regarding ownership, whether the property is rateable or on the characteristics of the differential general rate. Objections are to be made in writing WITHIN 42 DAYS after issue of this Notice of Valuation and Rate.


The Valuation of Land Act Part IV sets out the manner in which objections and appeals may be instituted as regards valuations. Objections (if any) must be lodged with the Valuer General, by letter or by completing the Objection to Valuation form and sent to PO Box 2222 Midland WA 6936, WITHIN 60 DAYS after issue of this Notice of Valuation and Rate.

NOTE: SECTION 6.81 of the Local Government Act 1995 provides that rates must be paid, but are subject to adjustment if objection is successful.

Objection to Valuation forms are available from the Shire Office or by clicking HERE. Please make sure you visit the Langate website for information and guidelines on lodging an objection https://www0.landgate.wa.gov.au/property-reports/property-valuations/lodging-an-objection 

Pending Title Seizures

Notice pursuant to Schedule 6.3 of the Local Government Act 1995 requiring payment of outstanding rates or service charges.

Rates and service charges have been owing to the Shire of Dundas for a period of 3 years in respect of the land described below, the Shire of Dundas will, pursuant to section 6.64 of the Local Government Act 1995, offer the land for sale by public auction at a time and place appointed by the Shire of Dundas.