Welcome to the Shire of Dundas


Norseman is a major stopping point within the Great Western Woodlands for travellers to and from the Eastern States and is an ideal place to take a break on your journey.

Norseman is the major town in the Shire of Dundas and is situated 726 km from Perth. The Borders of the Shire are 45km North of Norseman, 50km South of Norseman, 165km West of Norseman (as the crow flies) and East until you reach the WA/SA border. Eucla is the other townsite in the Shire of Dundas and is situated 717 km East of Norseman.

Gold, put Norseman on the map in 1894 when prospector Laurie Sinclair stopped off to visit his brother on his way to Esperance. He tethered his horse "Hardy Norseman" overnight and in the morning was amazed to discover that it had pawed up a gold nugget. A bronze tribute to "Norseman" can bee seen in the town centre.

The Shire of Dundas is currently within a Restricted Burning Period, which runs from 1st of April to the 31st May (inclusive).

What does this mean? Permits to burn are required during this period for hazard reduction burning. Permits may be obtained from the Shire of Dundas offices.

Please note that penalties apply where burning regulations are contravened or permit conditions are not complied with.

Certain climate or weather conditions may cause these periods to be extended or shortened. You must check the press for details or call the Shire Office on            08 9039 1205 before commencing to burn.


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