Norseman  is a major stopping point within the Great Western Woodlands for travellers to and from the Eastern States and is an ideal place to take a break on your journey.

Norseman is the major town in the Shire of Dundas and is situated 726 km from Perth. The Borders of the Shire are 45km North of Norseman, 50km South of Norseman, 165km West of Norseman (as the crow flies) and East until you reach the WA/SA border. Eucla is the other townsite in the Shire of Dundas and is situated 717 km East of Norseman.

Gold, put Norseman on the map in 1894 when prospector Laurie Sinclair stopped off to visit his brother on his way to Esperance. He tethered his horse "Hardy Norseman" overnight and in the morning was amazed to discover that it had pawed up a gold nugget. A bronze tribute to "Norseman" can bee seen in the town centre.

Asphalt Works

The Shire of Dundas wishes to advise the public that there will be a contractor carrying out asphalting works between the 16th to 19th October 2018 in the region of the Visitor Centre in Roberts Street. The area of work is shown on the map below.

The asphalt contractor will be implementing traffic control over the entire work area so while some access will be possible, not all areas will be available to the public. The same access applies to the caravan dump site but it will be accessible for foot traffic most of the time.

We apologise for any inconvenience but are sure that the end result will be a huge improvement to the area.

Please contact the Manager of Works and Services, Peter Crawford, on 0427391359 should you have any questions regarding the above.

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