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Norseman is a major stopping point within the Great Western Woodlands for travellers to and from the Eastern States and is an ideal place to take a break on your journey.

Norseman is the major town in the Shire of Dundas and is situated 726 km from Perth. The Borders of the Shire are 45km North of Norseman, 50km South of Norseman, 165km West of Norseman (as the crow flies) and East until you reach the WA/SA border. Eucla is the other townsite in the Shire of Dundas and is situated 717 km East of Norseman.

Gold, put Norseman on the map in 1894 when prospector Laurie Sinclair stopped off to visit his brother on his way to Esperance. He tethered his horse "Hardy Norseman" overnight and in the morning was amazed to discover that it had pawed up a gold nugget. A bronze tribute to "Norseman" can bee seen in the town centre.

2019/2020 Rates - Important Information

Differential Rates

The following differential rates are proposed to be used in the formulation of the 2019-2020 Budget for the Shire of Dundas as per section 6.33 of the Local Government Act 1995.

Gross Rental Value (GRV)

  • Townsites, Roadhouses and Service Stations - 15.7038 cents in the dollar of GRV
  • Mining - 21.5000 cents in the dollar of GRV

Unimproved Value (UV)

  • Pastoral - 8.3200 cents in the dollar of UV
  • Mining - 15.7159 cents in the dollar of UV

Minimum Payments

  • Minimum payment GRV - $360.00 per assessment
  • Minimum payment UV - $360.00 per Pastoral, Mining or Exploration lease assessment
  • Minimum payment UV Prospecting - $309.00 per Prospecting lease assessment

Submissions may be made regarding the differential rates, minimum payments and any related matters to the Shire of Dundas by mail to PO Box 163 Norseman WA 6443, hand deliver to 88-92 Prinsep Street Norseman WA 6443 or sent by email to shire@dundas.wa.gov.au before the 15th July 2019.

Further information regarding the differential rates and minimum payments can be obtained from the Shire Administration Centre at 88-92 Prinsep Street Norseman WA 6443.

Information regarding the Objectives and Reasons for each proposed differential rate and minimum payment may be inspected at the Shire of Dundas Administration Centre 88-92 Prinsep Street Norseman WA 6443 between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm on weekdays, at the Norseman Community Resource Centre 81 Roberts Street Norseman WA 6443 between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm on weekdays or CLICK HERE

Peter Fitchat

Chief Executive Officer

If you would like to read more about Property Valuations, Gross Rental Value (GRV) and Unimproved Value (UV) and how these are determined, CLICK HERE to visit the Landgate website.

Langate also have short videos that you might find helpful in understanding GRV and UV. CLICK HERE to view on the Landgate website.

For information on when and how to lodge an objection CLICK HERE  to visit the Landgate website.

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