Impounded Animals

Find out if your animal has been impounded and how to claim an animal and how to rehome an unclaimed animal.

Pound policies and fees

Stray dogs captured by the Shire of Dundas will be held in the pound for a minimum of

  • 7 days (if the dog has a tag, microchip or other ID)
  • 72 hours (if the dog has no identification).

After this period, the dog will become the property of the Shire of Dundas , who may dispose of it by various means, including rehoming.

To claim a dog from the pound, owners must:

  • Identify the dog during opening hours
  • Complete the necessary paperwork
  • Pay the required fees
  • Register the dog, if not already registered
  • Present the receipt of payment to the ranger to release the dog.

*All fees and charges can be seen here

Rehoming impounded animals

The Shire of Dundas aims to rehome dogs that have been:

  • Unclaimed by owners after the minimum period (stated above)
  • Signed over to the Shire of Dundas.

Should there be an animal you are interested in rehoming, you can record your name and contact number as an expression of interest at the Shire Administration office. If the animal becomes available for adoption, you will be contacted and advised when the dog is available for pick up. The following will need to be completed before the dog can be collected:

  • Register the dog with the Shire.

There are currently no impounded animals.