Building Services

The Building Department has the responsibility of issuing building licences for all new developments, patios, garages, fences, swimming pools and/or isolation barriers, additions to existing dwellings and any other alterations to a property. The prime role is to control building works in the Shire of Dundas. When intending to construct a building or alter, demolish or remove an existing building, application is required to be made to the Shire.

Applications shall be made on the appropriate form and lodged at the office for the Development Services Officer. Any enquiries relating to the completion of these forms should be made through the Shire office.

Click here for an Application for Building Permit (certified) BA1

Click here for an Application for Building Permit (uncertified) BA2

The following particulars as they apply should accompany the application.

Building Details

a) Two complete sets of drawings (to scale not less than 1:100) showing:

  1. a plan of every storey
  2. at least two elevations of external fronts
  3. one or more sections
  4. the height of each storey
  5. depth of foundations
  6. underpinnings
  7. levels of ground
  8. construction of the walls, floors and roofs
  9. any other information which the Building Surveyor may require, all clearly figured and dimensioned

Block Details

b) A block and drainage plan (to scale not less than 1:500) showing:

  1. street names and lot number to the site with the north point clearly marked
  2. the size and shape of the site
  3. the dimensional position of proposed new building and of any existing buildings on the site
  4. the position of the street trees, if any, between the site and the roadway

Visit the Department of Planning Lands & Heritage PlanWA map by following this link


Two copies of specifications describing materials to be used in the construction and, where not indicated on the drawings, the sizes thereof together with all other information not shown on the drawings, which is necessary to show that the building will, if constructed in accordance with the specifications, comply with the provisions of the Building Code.

*Note: Septic Tank application is to be with building plans (where applicable).

Demolition Licenses

An application and subsequent issue of a Demolition License is required to take down a building. The license may include conditions deemed necessary for the safe and proper execution of such works.

Click here for an Application for Demolition form BA5

Click here for the Application for Demolition procedure

Click here for a guideline about demolition applications

Swimming Pools

A building permit is required for a Swimming Pool including above ground pools and spas greater than 300mm in depth. All pools must have a 1.2 metre child proof fence with a self closing lockable gate. Please enquire at the Shire Office for further information.

Application for Development Approval - Schedule A: Accompanying Information

Application for Development Approval - Schedule B: Fees