Eyre Highway 

Rest Stops along the Eyre Highway are maintained by Main Roads WA

If you have any concerns or feedback regarding rest stops, please contact Main Roads WA via the below link:

Main Roads WA



123km from Norseman

Fraser Range Station is a sheep turned cattle station, approximately 100km east of Norseman. Sign-posted for your convenience, one quick turn off Eyre Highway and suddenly you’re back in time in what they refer to as an “Oasis in the Outback”. Walking around you will see many different interesting features, such as old machinery, wildflowers and even some natural wildlife.

Fraser Range offers accommodation and meals in its peaceful outback setting. Walk trails and station tours surround if you needed more convincing to stay at this hidden treasure.

P: (08) 9039 3210

E: enquiries@fraserrangestation.com.au

W: fraserrangestation.com.au/




197km from Norseman

Balladonia is your first fuel stop from Norseman. It offers a BP service station as well as accommodation options. The Balladonia Roadhouse contains a museum, inside of which you will find a major piece of the Skylab as well as displays on the history of the area, its people, the flora and fauna.

P: (08) 9039 3453

E: manager@balladoniahotelmotel.com.au 

W: balladoniahotelmotel.com.au



372km from Norseman

After completing the 90 mile straight you will find yourself in Caiguna. Here, you will find fuel and accommodation services for a much needed break from driving. West of Caiguna, approximately 5km from the roadhouse sits the Caiguna Blowhole. If you’re lucky you might be able to feel air blowing out of it.

Established originally in 1963 to assist with traffic for the Commonwealth games, Caiguna is situated halfway between Norseman and the border.

P: (08) 9039 3459

E: caigunarh@bigpond.com



438km from Norseman

Cocklebiddy lies home for two Eagles, Samantha and Bruce who live behind the roadhouse in a large aviary. Their story can be found on the side of the building explaining how they got to call Cocklebiddy roadhouse home.

Cocklebiddy was once known for the surrounding caves that invited explorers to come and experience. These caves have now been closed to public access.

P: (08) 9039 3424 or (08) 9039 3462

E: cocklebiddy@bigpond.com

Eyre Bird Observatory

The Observatory lies 50km away from Cocklebiddy, a hidden escape with a change of scenery from red dirt and endless trees to white sand and birds. Eyre functions as a working observatory and weather station and invites both day and overnight guests. Sightseeing, a small museum, and walk trails are on offer to keep guests entertained.

The road to Eyre Bird is part unsealed and part soft sand so a 4WD is essential. You however don’t need to miss out if you do not have access to such vehicle as the caretakers will arrange a pick-up point for people who arrange prior.

View the Eyre Bird Observatory brochure

P: (08) 9039 3450

E: eyrebirdobs@bigpond.com



529km from Norseman

Originally settled during the 1870’s as a place to breed horses for the Indian Army, Madura is now an iconic place to stop along the Eyre Highway. Specifically known for its panoramic views, Madura offers photographic opportunities. The Madura Pass is a popular sight to see as the lookout provides a serene backdrop as you overlook the highway and out onto the Nullarbor Plains towards the coast.

The Mullamullang caves sit north-west of Madura and have many side passages, three major lakes and almost 50 rockfalls surrounding.

P: (08) 9039 3464

E: maduraoasis@bigpond.com



646km from Norseman

Another small roadhouse community along the Eyre Highway, Mundrabilla is 646km east of Norseman. Here you will find another fuel stop and your typical accommodation services including motel rooms and both powered/unpowered sites to pull up at for the night. The roadhouse features a serene garden sitting area to its side, a perfect place to take a break.

P: (08) 9039 3465

E: mundrabillaroadhouse@outlook.com

W: mundrabillaroadhouse.com.au



710km from Norseman

Only located 10km from the South Australian border, Eucla is your final or perhaps your first WA destination. Explore what Eucla has to offer by staying a night at the local Motor Hotel. From beaches to memorials there is plenty to see at this coastal location, including parts of the old telegraph station that is slowly being covered by sand and the old jetty. Eucla’s Motel also offers a small museum for guests to look around as well as café and bar services.

P: (08) 9039 3468

E: euclamotel@bigpond.com

W: euclastay.com.au