Beacon Hill Lookout

A short 2 kilometre drive from the town centre brings you to Beacon Hill with spectacular panoramic views in every direction and a rustic information hut that provides you with history of Norseman, a directional dial and beautiful bush timber seats from which to enjoy the views. A scenic walk trail meanders down from the eastern side of the hill through peaceful bushland and back up on the western side.


Bromus Dam

This freshwater dam which was constructed in 1925/26, is a magnificent example of early workmanship. The dam was built by the Railways to ensure a reliable supply of water for the early steam trains that plied between Coolgardie and Esperance. Why not take a picnic lunch and enjoy a day exploring the dam and following the pipeline on foot up to the tank.



Norseman has three churches which cover Anglican, Catholic and a Community Church. It is possible to enter the Anglican Church every day and a visit to this quaint building, which is over 100 years old, is highly recommended. All churches hold services at varying times and the Tourist Bureau can check days and times for interested travellers.

Heritage Trail

This trail retraces the original Cobb & Co Coach Route from the Lady Mary Mine through to the original Dundas Townsite. The 28 kilometre drive provides an insight into early mining history, unique eucalyptus woodlands and ancient granite nature reserves. A delightful picnic spot welcomes visitors after your adventure on the trail.

Click here to download the Dundas Coach Road Heritage Trail Brochure

Dundas Rocks

These huge ancient rock formations, over 2 million years old, are scattered through the bush some 22 kilometres south of Norseman. It is a perfect day trip with walking, climbing, wildflowers (in season) and a bushland picnic facility for you to enjoy. A plaque identifying the old Dundas townsite, the first settlement in this area, is located nearby. BBQ facilities are onsite.

                                                  Dundas Rocks

Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail

The Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail stretchs 300km from Norseman to Hyden, including Wave Rock. Following the gravel Hyden-Norseman road , the trail offers sixteen stopping places, each with natural or cultural history. Many of the designated site have walk trails, picnic and camping facilities.

Highlights of the trail include

  • Wave Rock
  • The Breakaways campsite
  • Lake Johnston picnic and camping area
  • Woodlands walk
  • Disappointment Rock and mcDermid Rock

Before travelling the trail it is recommended you check with the Shire of Dundas and the Shire of Kondinin in regards to the condition of the Norseman-Hyden road. The road is mostly gravel and rain can cause the road to be closed.

For more information or a full copy of the Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail brochure please contact the Shire of Dundas on 9039 1205.

Click here to download part of the Granite and Woodlands Discover Trail brochure


As well as gold there are also many other minerals and gemstones in the Dundas region. It is possible to fossick for agates just short distances from the town centre. If trying your hand at finding some little gems of your own in the peaceful bushland attracts you, then call into the tourist bureau for permits and advice.

Mt Jimberlana

Reputed to be one of the oldest geological sites in the world this beautiful granite outcrop is located some 5 kilometres east of Norseman. The climb to the top is well worth the effort with stunning views in every direction your reward for taking up the challenge.


Buldania Rocks

A hidden attraction, Buldania Rocks is situated 26km east of Norseman on the Eyre Highway. This location has spectaular example of Gnamma Holes, which are natural cavities which capture and store water.

Statue Of Norseman

A must see for visitors is the bronze statue of Norseman, the sturdy little horse responsible for uncovering a gold nugget which led to the discovery of the rich quartz reef that established our town. His owner named the reef 'Norseman' in his honour and his name was also given to the town.


Phoenix Park

Completed in December 2001, Phoenix Park is a tribute to our mining and prospecting history. Relics and equipment from old mines have been relocated to the park and set out along winding pathways which are intersected by a restful water feature. Informative signs are located at each item and tell the stories of yesterday. The park also provides barbecues and a picnic area for your enjoyment.


Norseman is surrounded by beautiful, unique eucalypt woodlands which encourage you to explore natures secrets in peace and tranquillity. There are many walks available, some clearly identified with signage and rustic seating, others simple tracks to wander at your own leisure.

Click here to download the Woodlands Walk Brochure

Visitors Centre

A visit to the Norseman Visitors Centre is highly recommended. The friendly staff are pleased to assist travellers with advice and guidance to ensure an enjoyable visit and help with inquiries. Since Norseman is the Gateway to Western Australia the tourist centre provides information on all of the regions of WA as well as local areas.

Old Mine Workings

Many of the old mine workings are accessible by car. Once in the mine areas you can easily explore on foot. It is however too dangerous for any underground exploration. More information on the whereabouts of these mines can be obtained from the Norseman Tourist Bureau.

Scenic Drive

The Drive was constructed to give a view of the Norseman township and surrounding hills. Accessible from the Eyre Highway, the drive takes you past the State Battery and into the town centre.

Historical And Geological Museum

Situated on Battery Road, the museum building was constructed for the School of Mines in 1940. These days the Norseman Pensioners League operate the museum, and have on display many items from the Goldrush and early days of Norseman.

Picnic & Camping Spots

Sightseeing and refreshments go hand in hand and visitors have a number of lovely picnic and barbecue facilities to choose from.

In the townsite of Norseman the tourist centre is set in Welcome Park with beautiful shady trees, velvety green lawn, numerous table settings and free electric barbecues to cook on and at Phoenix Park you can enjoy the relaxing babble of a waterfall whilst you enjoy the picnic/barbecue facilities provided. Marks Park is situated in the centre of town and has picnic and barbeque facilities within the playground.

Camping and picnic sites located outside of the town include,

Cave Hill, situated 112 km north-west of Norseman. The track, is not maintained so care should be taken, A good spot for bush walking and rock climbing, with a camping area provided.

The Breakaways, provide a unique backdrop for camping or a quiet picnic. Located approx 165km west of Norseman, along the Norseman-Hyden road The Breakaways are well worth the time to explore.

Just a few kilometres out of Norseman the Lake Cowan Lookout provides the perfect location for a cooked breakfast. Just 7.5km across the salt lake, the lookout has picnic and barbeque facilites.

Bromus Dam is half an hour South of Norseman.The dam was built by the Railways to ensure a reliable supply of water for the early steam trains that plied between Coolgardie and Esperance. Why not take a picnic lunch and enjoy a day exploring the dam and following the pipeline on foot up to the tank.

For other camping and picnic ideas check out the Granite and Woodlands Discover Trail and the Heritage Trail.

Tin Camels

A must see are the unique corrugated iron camels which stand in the Prinsep Street roundabout. These are a tribute to the early camel trains which carried freight and caused the main streets to be made wide so that they could turn. The corrugated camels were created by WA artist Kurt Hotker.