Beacon Hill Lookout

A 2km drive from the centre of town and along Mines Road will lead you to Beacon Hill Lookout. The top of the hill showcases panoramic views in all directions of Norseman and its surroundings. Information panels and a directional dial sit within the shaded hut for a peaceful place to take in the serenity. A walking trail encompassing the hill is an additional feature of this attraction. The 900m walk allows you to experience the natural environment with seats to stop and rest at.


Bromus Dam

Bromus Dam sits 32km south of Norseman and is a prime example of early workmanship in the pioneer days. Originally constructed during the late 1920s as a reliable water source for steam trains, the dam stands today as a reminder of those who came before us. Now Bromus is a popular tourist attraction and often used as a free camp area with shady trees and a toilet on site.


Old Coach Road/ Norseman Heritage Trail

First used as the original road connecting the former Dundas townsite to Norseman and Esperance, Old Coach Road now stands as a heritage trail for tourists to discover what once was. Featuring 10 different sites, the 25km trail leads from the Norseman townsite and out onto the Coolgardie-Esperance Highway. Highlights of the trail include the lone grave, Dundas Rocks and the remains of the old ghost town.

Be aware that the trail sits on a dirt track and is suitable for preferably 4WD and AWD vehicles. Always drive to conditions.

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Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail

Stretching 300km between Hyden and Norseman, the Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail features sixteen interpretive sites, the majority of which contain walking trails, picnic areas and sightseeing to enjoy. The road is unsealed and gravel but still suitable for all types of vehicles provided you drive to conditions. Points of interest along the trail include;

  • The Gemfields: Fossick for Agate and Opalite in this area of land donated to the Shire, only 10.4km from Norseman along Mort Harslett Drive.
  • Wave Rock: Situated 5km from Hyden this interesting site features a curved-like rock imitating a wave, a “coastal” view in the outback.
  • The Breakaways: A popular free camping area with toilets on site. This site is extremely serene during wildflower season, take the opportunity to camp under the stars and amongst an array of colours.

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This trail is part of 'Australia's Golden Outback' Road Trip Country guide, featuring 21 different road trips across the region.

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Mount Jimberlana

Approximately 5km east of Norseman along Eyre Highway sits Mount Jimberlana. Reputably known as one of the oldest geological sites in the world, this granite outcrop has connections to the Ngadju people. A path leads upwards the mountain and after a 20 minute hike, picturesque views can be seen from every angle of its peak.

Norseman the Horse

On the corner of Roberts and Ramsay Streets, Norseman stands proudly as a reminder of how our town came to be. Local legend has it that in 1893 Laurie Sinclair, on his way to Esperance from Coolgardie tethered his horse “Hardy Norseman” up for the night, not far from the Dundas townsite. Upon returning in the morning he was surprised to see that his horse had uncovered a large gold reef which he later pegged, a catalyst for the establishment of Norseman. Come see this tribute to a local legend.

Phoenix Park

Both educational and historical, Phoenix Park offers a family friendly area to explore, learn and rest. Walk the paths throughout the park and discover old mining and railway equipment, derivative of those used within the town during its early days. Barbeque and shady picnic areas are available for use as well as public toilets. The park is walking distance from the town’s centre making it the perfect place for a nice lunch.

Scenic Drive

Accessible from both in town and off Eyre Highway this short and sweet scenic drive allows you to experience the Great Western Woodlands just a short distance from town. Driving up the hill, and parking at the top, stop and look around. Visible from this point is the Phoenix Tailings Dump created from former local mining operations and said to still have gold within its mass. Walk the 700m Woodlands Walk with interpretive signage along the way with information on the flora and fauna that surrounds.

Historical Museum

Open Monday-Thursday, 10am-1pm, the local Historical Museum welcomes everyone to discover past Norseman life. Walk room to room with one of the Volunteers from Norseman’s own Historical Society and view the many displays. Outside you will find the larger exhibits including a piece of the Skylab and pieces of machinery. Hosted in the old School of Mines building the museum is a step back in time.

Tin Camels

Did you ever wonder why the roads in Norseman were so wide? Well, this attraction is sure you give you the inside information. During Norseman’s early days camels were used to bring freight and mail to and from the town. The roads were made intentionally wide to ensure the camel trains had room to turn around. These corrugated iron sculptures now stand proud on the Prinsep Street roundabout as a tribute to this piece of history.

Gallery of Splendid Isolation

Lynn Webb works as a photographer, capturing the Goldfields-Esperance Region. His gallery showcases the diversity of this region as well a vast range of landscapes including that of the Great Western Woodlands and The Great Australian Bight. His collection of images is a must-see when passing through Norseman.