Meet The Councillors

Councillors are voluntary elected representatives of the people. Any person on the municipal roll may nominate as a Councillor when a vacancy is publicly advertised. All Councillors serve a four year term.

Elections are held in October of every two years, and enquiries in respect to your eligibility to be included on the Shire Electoral Roll should be made to the Chief Executive Officer.

Meet The Councillors
Laurene Bonza
Deputy President
Rasa Patupis
Pat Hogan
Councillor Councilor
Barry Bayley
Sharon Warner
Veronica Wyatt

Contact Details

President Cr L Bonza 

Mobile- 0429 207 177

Deputy President Cr R Patupis

Mobile- 0408 393 427

Cr JEP Hogan

Mobile- 0429 927 249

Cr B Bayley

Mobile- 0431 867 222

Cr S Warner

Mobile- 0417 183 796

Cr V Wyatt

Mobile- 0432 825 154 

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