Norseman is the major town in the Shire of Dundas are is situated 726 km from Perth. The Borders of the Shire are 45km North of Norseman, 50km South of Norseman, 165km West of Norseman (as the crow flies) and East until you reach the WA/SA border. Eucla is the other townsite within the Shire and is situated 717 km East of Norseman.

Despite a low annual rainfall, much of which fall during the Summer months, the countryside is quite pleasantly wooded with more than 40 species of Eucalypts and more than 70 species of Acacias, all of which flower. At certain times of the year wildflowers bloom and the countryside abounds with native blossoms. Much of the flora is of unusual interest and the trees and scrubs provide a continuity of colour over many months of each season.

Norseman has a semi-arid climate with an annual rainfall of about 300mm. Temperature ranges in summer from 15 to the high 30’s early 40’s degrees Celsius. Winter ranges from 0 to the low 20’s.

The population of the Shire varies and at present is approximately 1,600.

Major industries in the Shire include Goldmining and Tourism in Norseman, Pastoral Farming along the Eyre Highway and Fishing and Tourism at Eucla.

Business mining and tourism are the backbone of the Norseman economy. Norseman sits on an ancient geological plate containing a variety of mineral deposits worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The mainstay of the mining economy is gold mined by Central Norseman Gold which is owned by Croesus Mining N/L. Gold deposits are very rich. Three times as much gold per tonne of ore is extracted from Norseman mines as compared to major mines in Kalgoorlie. There is a very large proven deposit of tantalum in its exploration stage of development, gypsum is also currently mined.

Today gold remains of major importance to Norseman who still depend on the mining industry.

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