Expression of Interest 

The Shire of Dundas is seeking submissions from qualified providers for the provision of medical services to the Dundas Community.  The Shire recognises that there are different operating models aimed at delivering the same outcome. This expression of interest is intended to explore these different operating models so that further engagement and negotiations can be undertaken.

Expression of Interest Documents are available from GFG Consulting by email request to: or by calling 041 998 3537

Title Expression of Interest (EOI) 01-2022: Provision of Medical Services 
EOI No EOI 01-2022
Date EOI Advertised 14/12/2022
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Provision of Medical Services Shire of Dundas.pdf ;

EOI 01-2022.

EOI Closed Date 5/02/2023
Canvassing of Officials If a Respondent, whether personally or by agent or third party, canvasses any of the Principal’s Commissioners or Councillors (as the case may be) or Officers, or interferes with the EOI or tender process in any way whatsoever, with a view to influencing the acceptance of any Respondent, then regardless of such canvassing or interference, having any influence on the acceptance of such Submission, the Principal may at its discretion omit the Respondent from consideration
Address for Delivery & Contact Paul Owen by email request to: or by telephoning on 041 998 3537.

All enquires must be directed to the person listed above, respondents must not rely on any information provided by any person other than the person listed below:

Peter Fitchat

Chief Executive Officer