Norseman Laundromat

Roberts Street, Norseman WA 6443 (located at Welcome park)

The Norseman Laundromat is a new addition to the Shire of Dundas facilities and offers both commercial and public facilities.

Take off a load, while you put on a load! Relax in the shade of Welcome Park which is next to the laundromat, there is plenty of parking for caravans and public toilets are located off the car park. 

Opening hours Monday -Saturday 9am - 4:30pm.

Public Machines:

$5 per load normal washing machine

$15 per load - large washing machine

Dryers: $2 start up and 10minutes, then $1 per 5minutes.

The machines are coin operated. Change is available at the Norseman Visitor Centre located in the Woodlands Centre on Prinsep Street, next to the Camel-round-about  and at the Shire of Dundas Administration located at 88-92 Prinsep Street Norseman WA 6443. 

Commercial clients please contact