Media Statement: Dundas Council gives in principle support to purchase Norseman IGA.

Published on Thursday, 24 November 2022 at 1:57:54 PM

Dundas Council gives in principle support to purchase Norseman IGA.


The Shire of Dundas Council is committed to achieving strong outcomes for residents and rate-payers and are always on the lookout for opportunities that improve sustainability and livability.

Dundas Council has become known for taking different approaches to address the negative impacts of

  • mining boom and bust cycles,
  • reduction of government funding
  • economic downturn
  • population decline, etc.


Council’s ‘in principle support’ for the purchase of the Norseman IGA, signals Council’s commitment to ensuring strong local business, local employment, and local community outcomes.

The report presented by Chief Executive Officer Peter Fitchat at the November Ordinary Council Meeting highlights the benefits of Council’s  direction into commercial business. The commercial laundromat enterprise now provides direct local employment opportunities and increased revenue for community benefit. An increase in FIFO requirements through the upturn in the mining industry will further see the opportunity for employment and increased Shire revenue from airstrip landing fees and the construction of a terminal building.

The $1,750,000 business investment in Norseman IGA supermarket business and the additional properties will have a direct community benefits by providing an income source for the Shire to offset the reduction in revenue, as previously mentioned.

The supermarket would generally operate as a 'co-operative' business with all ratepayers essentially having a stake in the business. Opportunities such as a 'Rewards Card' system could be introduced, and profits channeled back into community outcomes such as infrastructure, projects and events. Another bonus would be in the retention of employment for 16 local people currently employed (both full-time and part-time) and keeping a local business, local.


Media enquiries please contact:

Chief Executive Officer, Peter Fitchat  or 0429 391 291