Published on Monday, 7 August 2023 at 2:55:06 PM



The Shire of Dundas wants to assist those members of our community who are concerned with how the current leadership team manages the Shire of Dundas and inform them of the appropriate channels to report their concerns.  To that end, we provide the following information.

In Western Australia, the relevant government Department responsible for overseeing local government is the Department of Local Government, Sport, and Cultural Industries (DLGSC).

In reporting your concerns to the DLGSC, we suggest you taking the following steps:

Collect relevant information: Gather all the necessary information about the issue or concern you want to report.  This may include details about the council's actions, decisions, or behaviour that you believe warrant attention.

Contact the DLGSC: There are several ways to get in touch with the DLGSC, as follows:

  • Phone: During business hours, you can call the DLGSC's complaint general inquiries line at

        61 8 65521 87300 or 1800 634 541.

  • Email: Send an email to the DLGSC at
  • Online form: The DLGSC website lists common examples of a minor breach and has a form available to complete. Serious complaints can be lodged directly with the department by emailing
  • If there is no dedicated form, you can use the general contact form to provide your feedback or complaint.

Provide detailed information: When contacting the DLGSC, clearly explain your concerns and provide as much detail as possible. 

 You should Include relevant dates, events, and any supporting documents or evidence you may have.

Follow any instructions or guidance given: The DLGSC may provide specific instructions or guidance on how to proceed with your complaint or concern.  The DLGSC may also request that you provide additional information.

You can also contact your local Member of Parliament (MP) or local government ombudsman. They may provide you with guidance and support in relation to your complaint or concern.