The Shire of Dundas is in an Unrestricted Burning period effective 1 June 2024.

Published on Friday, 31 May 2024 at 10:20:41 AM

Public Notice - Returning to Unrestricted Burning Shire of Dundas

Shire of Dundas is returning to unrestricted burning effective from June 1st 2024.

Landowner/occupiers are reminded when planning to carry out any hazard reduction burning to abide by the following minimum conditions;

  • Must have a 3m wide firebreak around the area to be burnt; and,
    Either a hose connected to running water that can reach the burn area or a working firefighting unit, consisting a minimum of 400It water; and,
  • Observe weather conditions so smoke does not impact the visibility of the any road network or be of nuisance to neighbours; and,
  • Notify/contact your adjacent neighbours prior to ignition; and,
  • All burns are to be logged via the DFES Communication Centre on 1800 198 140 (free call) prior to ignition.

Permits to burn can be applied for by contacting the Shire of Dundas Administration Office. 

No burning is permitted on days where the Fire Danger Rating is high or above.